Friday, November 13, 2015

K-1: Letter Sound Activities

Here is a lesson created by another coach focusing on letter sounds.  Print and cut out the letter sound QR codes, students will scan the QR codes, listen for the sound and record the letter on their recording sheet.  The letter sounds were recorded using Vocaroo- you can use this program to quickly record your voice and create QR codes.

Click File, Make a Copy to save to your Drive
QR Codes
Recording Sheet
Augmented Reality Flashcards Animals is an engaging app for students to use to practice letter sounds. Print the Flashcards from the website (cardstock works best!), download the app on the ipads/ipods, students open the app and hover the device over the flashcard, the animal will "come to life" and if you tap the screen, it will say the letter sound for the animal.  The kiddos LOVE it!  It's even great for Pre-K.
Check out the student engagement in Mrs. Warden's class (Reading Specialist) at Ellison Elementary.

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