Friday, November 20, 2015

K-5: NISD Digital Badges!

Academic Technology has recently started a new Digital Badge recognition program! We know that teachers and administrators like you are making big differences everyday for our NISD students when it comes to 21st century teaching and learning. We wanted a way to recognize those difference-makers.  When you earn a digital badge, I will send you and your admin. an email recognizing you.  You will be able to add the digital badges to your email signature line.

I do my best to acknowledge teachers as I see them demonstrating these tools in their classrooms and instruction. This is sometimes a difficult task being at 6 campuses. I don't always see all of the great things that you are doing in your classroom. Please feel free to send me an email and include pictures, if you'd like, letting me know how you are utilizing these tools. You can also send me an email and nominate a coworker for the great things they are doing as well.   Click the image to see all of the badges currently available. 

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