Friday, November 6, 2015

Tools for Formative Assessment

In his newsletter to the staff this week, NISD Superintendent Brian Woods mentions using formative assessment to guide instruction.  Here are some tools you can use in your classroom to quickly assess your students and check for understanding!

Plickers is a tool you can use to gather data with just ONE teacher device (even your iphone or android phone will work!).  You simply print the Plickers cards from the website, create questions in your Plickers account and display on your projector, have students hold up the Plickers cards to answer, and the teacher scans the room!  

Print on Card Stock

Check out Mrs. Bunn & Mrs. Hardin using Plickers with their class at Beard Elementary!   

Kahoot! is another formative assessment tool you can use with your class.  Create quizzes on the website (there are also thousands of already created quizzes you can choose from), then students answer on their device (computer, ipad, phone, etc).  This tool is great for review and is really motivating for students because it shows a leaderboard.  The students love it!

Here is counselor Mrs. Van Allen at Beard Elem. using Kahoot with her 2nd grade class!

Formative is a tool that will show student work/results in real time. It is very easy to use, check out the website for more information.

Mrs. Spiekerman's 5th grade class at Beard Elementary using Formative!

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